Forget the milk and bread… Get your knitting ready for the snow!!!!
Come get your knitting projects ready for the blizzard … or dusting we might get.  Yarn is much more important than bread and milk!
 We will be open the regular Thursday hours as long as the roads do not get messy and icy.  I will be the first to admit I am a whimp driving in ice. 
Almost forgot… New yarns and such are coming in daily now… also we have changed everything around the shop so come see.  We also have a special treat… bags by Melody.  They are gorgeous!! No two will be alike so get your favorite quick!  Watch the website for me to post photos of new items as I can get to them.
We appreciate your business!
Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure.

Holly Tenison
Memory Hagler Knitting
Save 15%
Start a new project today and save 15% on your yarn.  Mention the word “blizzard” to get the discount.  No need to waste paper and ink printing a coupon. 
Offer Expires: close of business January 7, 2010… wow it really is 2010!