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Our Knit along Begins This Thursday! The yarn and patterns are in!
February 24, 2009
Dear Holly,

Everyday we get more and more great yarns coming in the doors at the shop. You have just got to see them all!!! WE DID GET THE SHIPMENT FROM SWTC. The knit along will begin this Thursday about 4pm. If you ordered yarn, it is at the shop along with the Melissa pattern for the Big V vest. If you would like to also join our knit along, we have some extra Terra yarn and some other yarns that will work for this project. We have had some who could not stand it another minute and have already started their projects. They are flying on it!!! I am already planning another knit along. If you have suggestions… let me know. Due to my inability to focus on many customers at the same time I am going to change a few things beginning in March to hopefully make your experience better at the shop. First, I will try a sign in sheet so that I make sure that you are served in the order you come into the shop. Secondly, I will no longer write patterns from scratch while you wait.I will stillgladly write them, butI have found myself getting so distracted that I catch myself making mistakes. I am doing this to make sure I can focus all my attention on your project. I hope to always have a 24 hour turn around time. Please visit our NEW website Bruce has worked hard getting it up and going. He has the TNNA fashion show on the site as well as links to favorite place to visit on the web for free patterns or ideas. If you have some more suggestions, let me know. Also, he has linked our site to the site where we will recommend knitting books. I often tell you that you can get books much cheaper here than if I order them for you. He also has our blog linked at . Feel free to email me any ideas or concerns Thank you for your business. Holly
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Knit Along Participants: Join our ravelry group talkingabout your experience knitting the Big V Vest. It is easy to find on Ravelry.
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Holly Tenison
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