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Blowout Sale

Dear Holly, I am (finally) finished with taxes and ready to have a blowout sale. All yarn in the shop will be on sale, Tuesday April 14 - Friday April 24th. That is, 10 days to come in and select your bargain. The new yarns will be 9% off (so I pay your taxes), but the other yarns will be discounted further. I will have 30% off baskets, 40% offbaskets, 50% off baskets as well as the $2.00 baskets restocked. Bring in garments you would like to match and patterns you have been wanting to complete. We will be happy to help find the right yarns for you. In addition, patterns from previous seasons will be 40% off. We will have kits with everything you will need for a child’s garment.
Please make a note of 2 things… First, the first week of the sale we will assist you in finding your perfect project. If you need assistance with another project or with writing a pattern we will ask that you leave itwith us. We will have it ready the next day. Second, we will beCLOSED Saturday April 25thdue to the Stitches South convention in Atlanta.
25% off
Multi-Color Sheep
Treat yourself to hand dyed yarns. All at 25% off. All wool yarns are also 25% off unless in a %age off basket. We have to make room for the new stuff we are ordering this week for Fall and Winter. Can you believe it?
40% off
Knitting Needles Clip-Art
Have you ever wanted to knit with ribbon???? All ribbon yarns (in stock before February 2009)are 40% off. A couple of balls make great scarves or add a little flair to a garment. This includes boho, Choo Choo, Party, Deco Ribbon, Timo, Suede, Nubia, etc.
Some 50% off yarns: Summer Net, Tango,Checkprint, Polo,Nostalgia,Bugia
, Pinot, Vixen,Foliage, Softy,Woodstock, Fanatic, Musique, Cloud,Cameo, Meringue,Ditto, Donata, and Love it. There will be more!
Top 15 reasons to buy yarn……..
  1. It insulates the closet where it is kept.
  2. It helps keep the economy going. It isour PATRIOTIC duty to support cotton farmers, shepherds,and textile mills.
  3. It is LESS EXPENSIVE and more fun than psychiatric care.
  5. A sudden increase in the moth population might wipe out the wool crop for the next 10 years.
  6. The one who dies with the most yarn wins…. who will it be???
  7. It keeps without refrigeration; you do not have to cook with it to enjoy it; you never have to feed it; change it, wipe its nose or walk it.
  8. You need extra weight in the back of your car fortraction on snowy, icy roads…. you never know…
  9. Because YOU are worth it!!!
  10. Like dust, it’s good for protecting previously empty spaces in the house.
  11. When the big eathquake hits, all the yarn shops will beswallowed into the ground and never be seen again.
  12. Stress fromdealing with the Yarn Control Officer ( significant other in the household) MADE me do it.
  13. It’s not immoral, illegal, or fattening. It calms the nerves, gratifies the soul and makes me feel good.
  14. Buy it now before your significant other retires and goes with you onall of your shopping expeditions.
  15. An ounce a day is all the yarn shops of America ask of you.
I hope you will come and look at the great deals!!!Beginning April 14th our normal return policy will be for shop credit; The yarn must be in its original form with the sleeve attached within 90 days of purchase.All yarns that are25% off or more will be non returnable and nonrefundable. Sincerely, Holly Tenison
Memory Hagler Knitting